This is the guide that will tell you all you need to know about pitching an idea to Wiki Channel! To pitch an idea, just go to the pitching board.

Things to pitchEdit

There are various other things you can pitch for the channel such as specials, weekend events, songs, etc.! To do all of that, pitch it on the Pitches board. Different things you can pitch are:

Pitching procedureEdit

Here is the procedure of pitches:

  • Idea is pitched
  • Community discusses pitch, makes necessary changes.
  • Pitch enters approval stage.

Approval stageEdit

The approval stage is the stage every pitch goes through once it's done being planned out.

When a pitch is ready to be decided on, users in the wiki community will decide upon where the pitch goes. We have two options: to approve of the pitch or disapprove of the pitch. Users may post their position on that thread. To state your position of approval, use these templates:
Name: Approve

Name: Disapprove

In the "1" area you just very briefly state your reasoning. Here are the rules that will tell whether or not the pitch is overall approved or overall disapproved:

  • All disapprovals require one approval to be overpowered. (For example, if you have four approvals and one disapproval, you must get two more approvals in order for it to count as five approvals.)
  • All shows and movies need 5 or more approvals to be officially approved.
  • All other pitches need 3 or more approvals to be officially approved.
  • If a pitch does not have approvals exceeding the disapprovals by 3 within two weeks, the pitch will be trashed. The user will have to re-pitch it or leave it as it is.
  • All pitches require the approval of a staff member, depending on what the pitch is.

Here are the requirements for pitches that will tell whether or not a pitch is ready for the approval stage:

  • Full description describing the pitch should be given.
  • Potential dates for release of the pitch should be specified.
  • Plans for the pitch should be specified.

This applies to all pitches including show ideas, movie ideas, event ideas, etc.

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