Wiki Records is the record label founded by the Wiki Company. Wiki Records procduces music for artists as well as Wiki related music. This page gives rules for actors signed to Wiki Records.

Rules[edit source]

  1. Every 10 actors signed to Wiki Records, the signups will close until all artists on the label have released some sort of single at least once.
  2. New Artists: Within 30 days of being signed to the label, the artists must have started working on releasing a single, album, or some type of music with the label or you will be dropped. It is best to sign to Wiki Records only when the actor is ready to get into music. If artists do not fullfil this requirement, they will be dropped from the label. Breaks will be allowed (see below for details). (Dates are set to when the actor's project is pitched, not when it's released.)
  3. Consistency: You must stay consistent with releasing music. Artists can only have a maximum of 2 months of not working on music. If they max over 2 months the artist will be dropped. (Ex: The artist releases a single on March 2. They will have until May 2 to begin working on something else or they will be dropped). (Dates are set to when the actor's project is pitched, not when it's released.)
  4. Breaks: Artists will be allowed to go on breaks. Breaks occur when an artist has just released a big album and they want to take a rest. Sometimes breaks happen when an artist has something important they need to focus on outside of music. Artists on break will not be counted as active artists and they will be an exception to the consistency rule. Breaks last up to 3 months then actors will go back to the regular actor rules. You can request for you actor to go on break on the Pitches board. You must designate a time span for how long the artist will be on break.
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