• Episode - "Super Cool New Kid"

    A new boy from California appears at the school and appears to be a surf star and joins the team, he starts to get more attention than Cori, and the two have a rivalry going on? But could their be something more below the surface? (if there is it won't be revealed just yet)

    Anyway, we need a good looking guy, who could possibly play this role, the recurring role would start a few episodes in season 1 and have a bigger impact in season 2 so he would have to be available :)

    Name: Jason

    Jason just moved to Miami from California, being a Cali native he knows how to surf and is pretty chill, laid back and knows how to have a good time, though kids and girls flock to him. He'sa  bit of a rebel, but he's not a bad boy, but he is very witty and keeps Cori on her toes, and knows how to get under her skin, which he secretly enjoys. 

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