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    Okay so as we all know, Brody played by Tristan Conti will not be returning to the series. About the song however, Bridgit Mendler sung a song to promote Undateable, the new series she joined and she really helped a lot, because the show was funny before but no one was watching it. It ended season 1 with like 2 million views? It never really went over that, Bridgit Mendler brought 6 million to the premiere, here's the video - and basically the song which you guys can get for free here (if you wanted), but basically the song is about not being afraid to mingle and socialize and not judging etc etc. One line she says, "you can't move if you never try" which basically is happening in the episode and her and Ciara get their dorm moving and basically make it fun and they become quiet known around their floor and dorm for doing so :) It's very sitcom-my. Anyway yeah, and btw Ciara who was casted as a friend of Naomi in the last two of episodes for season 2 will return for a normal recurring role and be her roommate in college. Now that Brody is gone, we will be exploring more of the Taylor and Ray friendship (possible romance, who knows? Will find out), how Ray feels about his best friend being gone, Taylor being the only teenager in the house,  Naomi being in college and exploring more of the city and taking more chances with singing and Mom and Dad raising the twins as well.

    Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

    U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

    46 1 "Fresh Start with Twins"


    Phil Lewis TBA 301

    With Brody in boarding school in Los Angeles and Naomi in college, Taylor tries to adjust to the quiet life style at home with just her and the twins. She doesn't get woken up by aruging and breakfast is never running low and she's just isn't use to it, but doesn't want to admit she misses them and Ray tries to help her by hanging out with her. Naomi and Ciara move into their new dorms at Seattle U. They're both looking too meet new people at the dorm's floor longue, but when the longue is boaring and the people there are all too shy or quiet to speak to new people, the girls try to come up with a schemes in order to get the dorm crowd going for the school year. They try a bunch of ideas until Ciara comes up with a pep rally idea and Naomi sings. Meanwhile, Charles and Karen try to take the twins to preschool, but it appears to be harder for them than it actually is for Nick and Alex.

    Note(s): This is the season 3 premiere. This is also the first episode without former lead Tristan Conti though the opening theme has not changed. It is revealed that Jared (Reggie Jackson) is also in boarding school with Brody.

    Guest Star(s): Iyana Martin as Ciara.

    Song(s) Featured: "Undateable" by Ashley Kettle.

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