• Hi guys! I am here to tell you about a possible 3 night event for my show, Ackerman Agent. This will bring in two new, and important, characters to the show. Myra's long-lost sister and mother. They will become reccuring characters (at least the mother, I'm not sure about the sister) and be in a lot of episodes.

    Part 1
    Troy drops a courier package from a plane and it lands on the roof of a mansion. In an effort to retrieve the package, Troy and Myra have to infiltrate the house and deal with the kooky inhabitants. The matriarch of the household, Mrs. Van Hooten, is the woman who takes care of Myra's long-lost sister, Rebecca. (guest star Chesney Ramirez)

    Part 2
    Myra asks Mrs. Van Hooten if she knows where their mom is. She says she doesn't know. Myra’s (and Rebecca’s) mom has disappeared. A flashback then shows Myra’s mom putting Rebecca outside of Mrs. Van Hooten when she was a baby and at last it shows Myra and Rebecca’s mom leaving in a cab. Van Hooten has raised Rebecca like she was her own child and they are very close. Determined to find their mom, Myra and Rebecca calls in Troy (I'm kind of thinking Troy to be absent for this 3 night event. However, it would be a lot to miss these episodes for Troy.) to help them and they all start to find some information about Myra and Rebecca’s mom. They visit people who might know something about her. After a while they’ve finally gotten her address, but they now have one problem. She resides in South America which is far away where they are now. In one scene we are seen that they order plane tickets and in the next scene they’ve just gotten off the plane. They call for a cab who takes them to Myra and Rebecca’s mother. The episode ends of with the cab leaving them outside of the house.

    Part 3
    They ring the doorbell, but no one answers. At the back of the house all they can find is broken windows and nothing inside. After they've studied the house without any luck finding something about their mother, they travel in to the city. They are very hungry and decides to order some food from a store in the street. The cashier looks very much alike Myra and Rebecca and that's when they ask her if she's their mother. Mrs. Jade tells them to follow her and she'll them everything. They all sit down in a room behind the store with Mrs. Jade telling them that she was forced to do this to them when they were little. She sent Rebecca to Mrs. Van Hooten and Myra to another family who eventually made her go on school at Ackerman. After Mrs. Jade has told them the whole story, they all agree on going to Ackerman High School, where Myra lives. The episode ends with Mrs. Jade showing Myra and Rebecca their new house near Ackerman High School.

    The thing is that the Rebecca role really needs to be a reccuring role because the role has a big impact on the show. Matt told me that the reccuring role was just a maybe, but I really need Chesney to be reccuring to say it easy. :P

    Me and Matt originally thought of doing part 1 as a single episode, but I thought why not make something cool out of all of it and that's when all of this came popping into my head. The whole part about this being special is that Chesney would guest star, but what do you guys think? Also, since in the beginning of the season Troy and Myra will be in Egypt for like 5 episodes and then in like episode 10 or something they will travel to South America again. I think it would be a bit much for Myra to experience all of these things so fast - like waking up in an endless desert not knowing where you are and then shortly after finding your mother that you haven't seen in many years...

    NB! This is not a pitch, but a thread where I share my thoughts. :)

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