• Ackerman Agent Season 2 Contract

    Original number of episodes: 20
    Season extension amount: 6
    Total episodes: 26
    Specials: Two hour long specials
    If the series creator goes inactive DatNuttyKid will take over.
    If the back up users go inactive, the show will end.
    Filming Dates: May 4 to June 26 filming 8 episodes, July 13 to August 21 filming 6 episodes, September 7 to October 12 filming 6 episodes and November 2 to December 11 filming 6 episodes
    Notes: The second season will continue showing Troy and Myra on missions and saving the world, but there will be a one hour special where Landon finds out about Troy's secret. In season 3, I am thinking Ackerman International will be introduced and possibly (possibly) Ackerman Agency will come out in the official, similar to the reveal of Lab Rats. Also, Ackerman Agent is currently the #1 hit show and I think that 26 episodes would fit perfectly. Not too much, but not too little either. Just perfect. :)

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