• So I don't want to spoil the season, but it will end soon, but in season 2 things heat up. Two new characters. One being Denise Carter, a new student who's past ends up catching up with her in an ugly way. She hopes to find a new start with the Jaguars at Justice Valley High. Meanwhile, Rion has transferred to Rikertown High with hopes of being on a winning team, but quickly learns she has to work her way to the top. With Kyla and Aisha now leading co-captains they try to bring the team with newcomer Denise to victory. Things quickly complicate when Kyla begins to develop affection towards Richie and Jeff and the love triangle begins to form.

    Last season, I didn't have Stevie in to much because Matt said she could be a main character, but she wouldn't be able to do much due to her being so busy, but this season, Stevie has a bigger part on the show. Stevie and Rion both become friends shockingly and keep in touch while Rion is at her new school. Stevie even performs more and has bigger episode plots. I don't want to spoil it yet.

    Since our network is family/kids/teens I possibly wanted to do an episode when there is a shooting at one of the school's (i know it's a little much) but it'd be called lockdown that or a fire or something idk but I think it would be good, like the shooting wouldn't be seen, but it would be big news.

    The second new character, a guy named, Princeton Woods who has a shocking connection to Jeff that turns his life upside down . Jeff's character and the basketball team would be featured more and he will have drama with his new step/half brother. We learn that Jeff lives with his single rich dad who is more into traveling the world than his son. His parents are divorced and his rich 80s super star mother (Wanda Woods) lives in new york with her son that she has with another guy, that's two years younger than Jeff. However when Jeff's out of the picture mother passes and his half/step brother's real dad goes missing, Jeff's dad agrees to take them in but the house might not be big enough for the both of them, especially when he has hopes of making varsity basketball like Jeff. We learn a lot more about Jeff this season. It focus more on the cast as a whole, rather than the Kyla-Rion-Richie centered phases.

    I know it's a lot and not really any, but I don't want to spoil much and because the season has 3 episodes left if i say to much it'll spoil it but season 2 will have a lot of unleft things from season 1 :) I think the show could be the best if I work on it more and cast the perfect people, but I'm very excited.

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