• Thirteen year old 8th grader Leslie Walker is obsessed with her phone. All day, everyday, it never leaves her site.
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    But one day at the park, she looses her SIM card. Panicking, she looks everywhere to find it. She does find a SIM card, but it's not her original one. This one, instead, has a little bit if magic, and her phone apps somehow "come to life". With a little help from her "guide" Cherri, will she be able to keep her magic phone a secret?

    What is this you might ask? Leslie Wireless is a freshman comedy that recently finished it's first season.

    Promo picture from season 1.

    Following the departure of it's original show runner, Wiki Channel is currently looking for new, creative, and original ideas from newly writers and former show runners to work on a possible sophomore season to the already fan favorite half-hour comedy series. "Leslie Wireless" which stars Tessa Octave had a first season of 15 episodes. Wiki Channel wants to work on a possible new season of the show with help from you! How do I enter? How do I get a chance? These are all questions you might be asking. That or "Oh my god, this girl barely gets on, but when she does she doesn't shut up!" which is totally fair too. Lol

    If you would like to enter the drawing for a chance to take over the show, here's everything you need to know and do: Guidelines!

    • You must have at least one actor/actress with a created page and look a like, on the list of look a like page.
    • You must know the characters of season 1 of "Leslie Wireless" as well what happened in the episodes (you don't need to remember everything obviously, but you need to have a clear and familiar understanding of the show)
    • To enter, simply post these things below:

    - A) Your ideas and plans for the second season and what your vision is for the future of the show. Will these things make sense? Will they flow smoothly with what happened at the end of season one? Does it fit the premise of the show and use attributes and include kinks that the first season had? Will it follow the story? These are all questions you should ask yourself while posting your vision for season two. I, as well as many others on the wiki know how easy it is to get off track with excitement of a show.

    - B) Post an episode description with your plot for the first episode of season 2 and what will happen. These episodes should be welly detailed and explain what is happening in the episode. Along with any notes of any major things that happen. (Not all episodes have to be like this, but we just want to see what you have planned for season 2)

    Get creative, have fun, use your imagination, stick to the plot and characters and shine a new light on an already dying flame :)

    The deadline will be on November 30th. If your episode is picked and you win, the season will continue with an order of 21 episodes. The first 7 episodes will be worked on by not only you, but approved and aided by myself, Heatherblast9, and Silly1! (who are all memebers of the admin team). After this 10 episode trial, you will be free to do whatever you want with the show for the remaining 14 episodes. I hope everyone who can and or wants to enter does. This could be your first show or your several. Have fun and bring on the fresh ideas. The future of LW is in your hands! (P.S. Heahter and Silly you guys can enter the drawing too, even if you don't want to take over the show completely, you are still allowed to enter the drawing. Anyone can enters! That includes all admins and staff and users)

                                                                  - Wiki Co-Founder, NYCgleek :)

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    • This is a cool idea! I'll take a shot at it. EDIT: See her fixing the names makes the episodes make much more sense.

      I think Season 2 would pick up a couple of months from where Season 1 left off. Wendell is just getting out of the hospital and has crutches and Harden tries to help him walk around and stuff but usually makes things worse, and summer is starting so all of the younger characters are excited about starting high school. Katy and Wendell have broken up, and Wendell's family is spending the summer in Charlotte, which allows his role to be larger. Meanwhile, Selena finds out from Dean that he gave Katy Leslie's phone and get it back, but they're unable to figure out if Katy found out about Leslie's secret- or, for that matter, Dean. Hannah's plot will focus around a love triangle with her, Travis, and his new girlfriend, but she'll still be Leslie's big sister and the two of them will support each other through their different dramas.

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    • Thanks Nutter

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    • Is this a pitch or actual announcement?

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    • I think that she/we are just assuming it was already approved.

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    • I think I may have placed this in the wrong forumn, becuase I don't think it's a pitched because we talked about this and as an admin/bearu and programming president I'm helping an already aired show, however I didn't post it as an announcement because i felt it was technically a pitch because people have to pitch their ideas for the show here? Idk I think it fits better being a pitch but maybe it should be moved to the announcement thread? it's still highlighted so everyone can see it. If nothing gets picked by the end of the month than the show will just end i guess

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    • Didn't we already decide to cancel this show?

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    • Technically speaking, you and Sil were the only ones for cancelling it, and Sil later agreed with Gleek that we can continue it. So.

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    • Aren't you supposed to be on break or something?

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    • Me?

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    • Wait who decided to cancel it? I saw the post and only two people didn't want to do it? It wasnt finalized or anything, the original user said someone can take over if they wanted too. I understand if you don't pesonally like the decision, but there are six of us right? lol

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    • ^

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    • Yup, you.

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    • No? And even if I was, why does it matter? I'm clearly not.

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    • Does anyone else have any ideas? We might just bring it to a close? I said the end of the month though, but I'm waiting for Silly and heather's feedback on Nutter's episode

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    • Hmmmm I got an idea

      So the season 2 premiere: 

      It will start with Lesile's phone on video mode with a voiceover of Cherri will come up and be like "Here's Last Season's Recap" Then it would explain everything that happened and end with Katy getting hold of Lesile's phone.

      So it will start off two days after the hockey incident, Lesile is excited that she is finally allowed access to see Wendell. He has like a broken leg and foot and complains about the family trip to Califormia being cancelled. She apologizes and he cuts her off and they make amends. Then Wendell suddently get a call from Katy. 

      So basically Katy tries to threaten them but proclaiming his"You two stay away from each other and I don't release what's on this precious phone." Lesile begins to panic but Wendell comes her down saying that he will do everything it takes to get her phone back from her. And they have their first real moment.

      Meanwhile there is Hannah handling the Travis thing. She ends up running into the girl. She finds out the girl is actually really sweet and begins to accept the fact that he is taken. She later approaches Travis and offers to be friends which he agrees.

      Lesile meets Katy in a mutual location before she must go back to Charottle. Katy sighs before just handing her the cell phone...surprised Lesile asked why. She tell her that she thought about it and they was no point that she fights her. She was happy without Wendell for the first time. (She is referring to Dean) Keep in mind this is not a totally 180 but a peaceful compromise for now... (oooh)

      And the episode would end with Wendell and Lesile talking over the phone about the summer. "Wouldn't it be great if you come here?" Lesile says and the last shot is Wendell smirking. 

      Season Two Premiere Ends

      And for the season! I have so many ideas. Definely a development with Hannah and Travis while Lesile is discovering new abilities within her phone.(Music leads to Cherri contacting a "famous person" GUEST  STAR OPP., Cherri escaping the phone *SPECIAL EPISODE) and even more. I add more later 

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    • Maybe it can be a lot less than fun and games? Like so Wendell's life is focused on hockey, but after news he hears from the doctor, he may not be able to ever play again. Agitated, he blames Leslie for distracting him on the ice and they separate themselves once more. Harden, however, will not stand for this, so getting into contact with Selena, they try to bring the two of them together.

      Meanwhile, Katy still has possession of Leslie's phone and has no intentions of giving it back. Leslie's parents will not buy her a new one, so she is stuck being forced to raise the money herself. Katy finds out about the phone's little secret, and ends up believing that Leslie used it into manipulating Wendell into liking her more. She continues to string Dean along, but some feelings are developed along the way.

      Meanwhile, Hannah shuts out her family even more after being "rejected". She starts to not trust people anymore, and pushes her little amount of friends away. She eventually seems to forgive Travis and get on friendly terms with him, but he makes a move on her while dating this new girl.

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    • Tat! Omg girl i love the idea, I'm loving loving loving the small phone recap, like previously on Leslie Wireless omg that's so cute. Anything big big plan with Leslie for the season though, I mean it's only season 2 so maybe there doesn't need to be but i love your idea :)

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    • Also, just adding that I'd probably cast someone to voice Cherri. It just seems weird that there isn't someone :P

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    • Oh right, I didn't get to that lol. 

      P.S. @ZachandB: I love the idea of no more hockety and the distance, not everything is happy ending you know. :)

      Oh and Lesile I feel like long term is having trouble balancing with balance so that is something I would want to write in. And her friendship with Selena because of her thing with this guy. I think at the end of th day, maybe distance would suit them well. Give Wendell and Lesile time to think.

      BUT at the same time the show isn't 100% dramatic but comedic so you have to add those elements in.

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    • yeah i think it's a def a fun cute show that def has room for some elements. I think of the comedy coming from this show as i would jessie, bunk'd or bella and the bulldogs. where it's funny and can have little messages but nothing to series but yeah

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    • Because we have so many shows already and the amount is constantly growing, I just don't think there's any reason to continue this show. It's at the bottom of the leaderboard and a contract was never made so a back up user was never chosen. Yes it has a good premise and cast but there are other good premises in the future waiting to be picked up and future roles waiting to be filled by these actors. We really should just end Leslie Wireless where it is, I don't see a point in continuing it.

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    • Well the user did leave us with the show and it was already airing -

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    • A FANDOM user
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