• Hello everyone! I am here to cast some new exciting roles on Ackerman Agent. If we sum up all the guest roles (or reccuring for that matter), I probably have had 3-4 guest/reccuring roles on the show over 2 seasons and that's really not enough. I really want more people to be involved with AA and I think this is a great opportunity to get some new fresh blood! So firstly, I'm looking for two new actors to join the main cast! Yep, that's right. And you may wonder why? Well, the main thing is that Troy and Myra are now going into theird 3rd season which mostly will be at Ackerman International. Ackerman High School was the first "phase" in their spy life. Ackerman Internation is the next and AI is a professional spy "home"(?) for the spies who have passed the first phase. However, moving on to the casting, here's the roles! And by the way, sometimes I'm too lazy to write the whole word so AA = Ackerman Agent and AI = Ackerman International. ;)

    • Role: Zara Warren (name may change)
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 16-20 (to play 17-18)
    • Character Summary: The third member of Ackerman Agent's trio. She will join Troy and Myra on missions, be by them all the time, just like Troy and Myra have been the past seasons. She's an addition to the game and she comes from another Ackerman place that resides in U.S.. She is a witty, sporty and interesting piece of human. Zara is a good spy which includes her good leader skills, spy techniques and great personality. In the start, Myra will have some difficulties with her in the start due to Troy totally gives her all his attention and the way she does things. Eventually, they will become friends and good spy mates. NB! This character will be a surprise to the viewers because Troy and Myra will find her in the pyramid in the season 3 opening episodes and then she will join the main cast. That's why she's not on the promotional pictures etc..
    • Notes: I'm not looking for anything specific for her. Kind of the typical female lead.
    • Billing: Series Regular

    • Role: Justin Williams
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 20-30 (to play 25-ish)
    • Character Summary: The gang's new mentor on Ackerman International. He will replace Coach Solomon and guide the gang on their missions, train them and help them to become even better spies than they are now. He will be a series regular and we will see him often. He is the goofy, funny, serious and kind mentor of the gang and will be the overall leader in AA.
    • Notes: I want this character to be kind of hot cause that will get some affect later in the season. Other than that, I don't really have anything else to add.
    • Billing: Series Regular

    • Role: Charlotte
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 16-20 (to play 17-18)
    • Character Summary: She has a big crush on Troy and Justin which we'll see for example when they are eating, walking in the hall or when they are at AI. She comes from another Ackerman place which hasn't the best recruiting, therefore she was one of the best even though she's at a lower level than Troy, Myra and Zara. She will be a sweet, cute, goofy and a flirty person which we'll see through the episodes. She probably won't have so so so many lines, but she will occur in a lot of episodes. However, it is not always she will talk that much in each episode, yaknow? :D
    • Notes: I'm looking for a cute, attractive and cool actress to play her.
    • Billing: Reccuring

    • Role: Cafeteria Lady
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 25-40 ish
    • Character Summary: She will stand at the cafeteria on AI and give the spies food. The funny thing about her is that she is sour and "angry", but in a careless and funny way which makes it all funny.
    • Notes: I am not sure whether this role has to be casted or if I just find one person that fits. However, I thought we might as well give it a try.
    • Billing: Reccuring

    • Role: -
    • Gender: Male
    • Age: 20 (to play 20)
    • Character Summary: This character will appear in 3x04 and will tell the gang (Troy, Myra and Zara) what happened with them and why they are here because they do not remember this themselves. They meet him after they find Zara in the pyramid and after all of them have come out. This character has no name.
    • Notes: Don't really have any notes.
    • Billing: Guest (will appear in 3x04, but might appear later in the season)

    That's pretty much it. I'm really excited so please sign up your actors and actresses please! :-)

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