• wow, everyone, how long has it been? i stumbled across this wikia and the person that i used to be by sorting through my whole emails. this is insane to me. i was so dedicated to this wiki, and the people who were in it, and the shows i created. and although some and the admins and still talk to this day, its not the same.

    i joined this wiki as a 7th grader who often made mistakes while typing on the nook she got for christmas, who developed html and website building skills through other kids in my age group. i was quiet and shy in real life, but so much more here. now a days im a 4.6 ap student who broke out of her shyness and is now quite outspoken and bold. i owe that in part to this wiki and the people. i am also in my second year of ap computer science after getting a 5 on the ap exam my previous year. i owe that to you all too, and although i do not believe i want to go into cs and the STEM field, you guys were my start.

    it both saddens and makes me happy that the wiki has died. if any of you were like me, you spent an unhealthy amount of time on this site in your late preteens and early teenage years. and although i do not regret a second of time i spent here and with these people, i wish that i did not spend hours a night in front of a screen.

    this is my little thank you, although it is just a jumble of words. my last hoorah, if i may say. i love you all.

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    • This makes me happy :) thank you for being friends with all of us.

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    • Awwww I'm so proud of you :) Thank you for everything.

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    • This makes me so happy as well. I remember how dedicated I was to this wiki (and other wikis) and how all the hours I've spent on here really were worth my time. I miss it so much, but I guess we've all "grown up", which of course is sad. but thank you to everyone who dedicated time on this wiki, i'm so thankful for everything i've got from here :)

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    • But I’m not fully grown up yet! I think you should move this wiki to the next generation of people, and leave people in charge if you’re ready to leave, but I wish one of you would stay, it’ll not be the same without y’all.

      - Bader Mousa

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