• for starters: i have no idea what on earth i'm doing. it's 1 a.m., and i just thought of something that reminded me of this little community of people i was so close with, and i got beyond nostalgic. i don't know if anyone will see this post but i just want to write it, even if i'm just talking to the void :p

    so, yes, it has truly been a minute for all of us. i actually think about the people i met on wikia, specifically the austin & ally wiki, all the time. i'm still in contact with a few of them :) fun little instagram groupchat, whatever. but wikia genuinely shaped who i am as a person, considering i totally broke the Wikia rules and made my first account under the incredibly cringy name Mrs.NiallHoran13 when I was 10! seriously, why was i so active on chat sites as a ten year old? but that was 6 years ago, and i still have a lot of growing to do as a person still, but this little community has pointed me in the right direction and i'm incredibly thankful for everyone, especially the ones that dealt with my annoying a** in 2013.

    i spent about an hour just looking through this wiki and i'm going to be honest- i miss this. i was totally in a better place then and i wasn't stressed out all the time. it's important to move on, though, but i still really envy who i was last time i made an actual contribution here haha. i still carry the characters i created in my heart and sometimes i'll think about all these show and movie ideas i had. long story short, creating on here helped me become more of a writer, and i really think it's something i want to do for a living.

    this post is getting incredibly long and not making any sense, so i'll just end it with: if you're seeing this, tell me how you are. what's up in your life? and know that i'm really thankful for all of you xx :)

    - Marley, which is not my real name in case you didn't know. 10 year old me just hated her actual name and loved Glee a lot, thus, Marley became my online persona

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    • Aww we miss you too! I remember all the antics that I had with a lot of people in the wiki! I don’t remember most of them actually, but now I laugh about it. I’ve grown up a lot, I miss all of you. This was my literal childhood and I wish it could all come back. I’m gonna cry now😂 love you guys! - BaderMousa

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    • We miss youuuu, i'm doing pretty good I'm about to start my final year in high school in like a week. I remember when I first came on here it was so much fun I'm so happy I got to meet and connect with all the people here it really helped me grow as a person. Love you guys😗😗! - Cool Kids 2014.

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    • hey Marley. Do you remember me lol, I annoyed y'all a lot and wasn't as active but I had other wikis where I was and I 10/10 agree with everything you said. I feel kinda invasive leaving a message on a community I was barely apart of but seriously everything you wrote goes through my head on a daily basis, partially about the A&A wiki community but a lot about my other wikis where everyone was a lot older than me and is like in their 20's now and has moved on. I miss those days a lot, I was way happier. Wikia also developed my writing skills a lot, I was rolepalying and shit and had to keep up with people who were actually literate lmao. I was also 10 in 2013 how quirky.

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    • OOF man what a trip down memory lane.

      I'm in college??? Somehow? Starting the second semester of sophomore year next week. Actually, the reason I'm here is because I was looking into my old writing projects to try to find some inspiration because I need a writing sample when I audition to be part of the school's writing team for the original, full-length, award-winning plays they've been doing for the last couple of years. Who'd've thunk.

      So yeah, obviously writing is still a big part of my life. The only thing I'm actively doing with it is that I'm a writing coach, although that's more academic papers than stories, but hopefully this writing project thing works out. This, and A&A Wiki, was a huge part of my formative years and I'm so glad it existed, even if us (namely, me) being so young and immature caused a lot of unnecessary drama and stress.

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