• Hey everyone! I just realized we really need a short series! I'm thinking something like Disney's As the Bell Rings or maybe something like Mike's Super Short Show/Leo Little's Big Show. Does anyone have any ideas?

    I have a few

    • A short series that follows two quirky best friends as they babysit the neighborhood kids. It could be called "The Terrible Babysitters." (I kinda got this idea from Sam and Cat)
    • A short series about a quirky kid (male or female) who has a different job in each episode. Each short shows how he/she terribly messes up doing the job and gets fired within the first five minutes. Could be called, "Five Minutes and Fired." I think this would be better as a cartoon. Maybe it could be a silent cartoon, too, with just sound effects.
    • "Tim and Tucker" This could be a cartoon about an 8 year old boy named Tim who loves to hang out at the local comic book store with the teenage employee named Tucker. Tim is extremely annoying and always talks to Tucker while Tucker just sits there reading a comic pretending to listen. Each short shows Tim telling Tucker a crazy story about what just happened to him. Tim's catchphrase could be "Guess what just happened to me!" and he could say it in a very dramatic tone that's different each time. :P Tucker pretends to care. I picture this as a cartoon too.

    So any ideas guys? Just tell me below! :D I'm not too crazy about my ideas (except five minutes and fired). Plus I'm sure we could take more than one since they're just shorts! :)

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    • I love the idea of short series and I like the idea "five minutes and fired" idea.

      Also, it would be cool if we had a short series that went behind the scenes of shows and movies like Leo Little's Big Show.

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    • Thanks and omg I love that idea! :D

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    • I like the idea of the shorts, but I don't like the first and last short pitches to be honest, the middle reminds me of trish from austin and ally, and the last one idk why, (not saying it's like it) but I immediatly thought of the guy from so random that would always say "you're not gonna believe this!" lol XD but I have an idea, maybe Juliana and the babysitting adventures could be made into a cartoon short series? just my idea, you actually said you could see it as a cartoon before matt? lol idk if you remember actually now that I'm reading on the five minutes and fired could actually work, I think it should be an annoying Male though, like a teenage boy, probably one who means well, like a surfer boy that gets different jobs on the board walk and mall and he has black hair and light brown eyes and tan skinner, as a cartoon? and maybe he's kind of like wonder's personality, or mabel, he means well but isn't totally together in the head? :) What do you guys think? :D

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    • Oh, I didn't get the idea of the last one from Rufus. :P As the kid explains it, it would actually show a flashback of what happened, it'd be something totally outrageous and Tucker doesn't even believe him. But I don't even like this idea that much :P

      I really think Five Minutes and Fired would be so funny. I like your idea for it (lol, "isn't totally together in the head" :P)! I was actually picturing a really bubbly girl who isn't totally together in the head either! LIke someone like Cat but gets easily irritated, distracted, and kind of has a more bipolar personality. :P I wasn't thinking something along the lines of Trish, I was thinking something where there's this person who is really quirky and, like you said, isn't too smart, so they easily ruin it. :P For example, I was thinking there could be this short where he/she is working at a fast food restaurant and someone comes up to them and says "Excuse me there's no cheese in my cheeseburger" and the person's like "Really? Lemme see" so she/he takes the burger, takes a bite and then says "Yeah definitely no cheese," so she takes the cheese off a guy's burger who was about to take his food of the counter and slaps it in the person's burger and is like "Here you go!" And then in the end, she gets mad at this guy and throws smoothies on him repeatedly. :P I dunno, I came up with a whole idea for an episode of the short when I was doing dishes :P

      I like the Juliana idea, too! It could work! :D

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    • Oh so kind of like I didn't do it or unfabulous?

      I think it shoud be a guy, idk maybe because everything has girl stars these days, but then again a girl could work too. I do like your idea about the cheese burger thing though XD

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    • I pictured a girl but a guy could work too! I'm actually picturing it more as a live action short than a cartoon but anything is fine with me. :) And thanks! :)

      And not exactly either of those shows tbh, more of just this quirky, comedic short about a crazy, not so smart, and overly excited person who attempts to work at various places and is so uncoordinated that they fail each time!

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    • I also have another idea for a short! I was thinking we could have a short series about a family! It could be a cartoon! Something like The Proud Family. There could be a girl teenager who is the stereotypical teen girl, a teen boy who is very nerdy, a little brother who is always getting into things, a mom who is always on the phone and obsessed with trendy teen stuff, a quirky dad who always succeeds at embarrassing his kids, and a cranky grandma or grandpa. The short basically shows their everyday lives and the family being as crazy as they are.

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    • Oh and okay (loved the proud family), not sure how I feel about the family cartoon though, but I do like the fire idea thing you had, I can see it as a cartoon because with cartoon's anything can happen ya know, but if you wanted to do something like as the bell rings, it could be live action I guess, as long as its not to close to iddi or trish from a&a because teens was like friends and iddi, but I just didnt do it lol 

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    • Kk. We just won't do the family idea.

      Well really Five Minutes and Fired wouldn't be anything like IDDI. And it wouldn't be like Trish either because A&A never focused on how she lost the job, she just always lost them. And as I mentioned before, the character is bad at keeping the jobs because he/she is really quirky, airheaded, and very bubbly, not because he/she is lazy (which is why Trish looses her jobs). The character gets themselves into crazy situations at their job because of their actions unlike Trish. And IDDI goes through a storyline while the short is only a five minute showing of how she failed at the job. Anything can happen.

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    • (random: Trish must have a really impressive Resume, she doesn't have to include all of her jobs, she can just put like 5 lol)

      So like Delia in the fireman freddie episode kind of, but if we  make it a boy, we can make him very bubbly, quirky, and airheaded, Delia isn't really airheaded as much as she is blunt lol, but it was your pitch so I don't want to change your idea, it can be a girl if you want :) Also I had a question, so each episode she/he could have a different job right? I like that idea, so it's somehting different everytime :) 

      and I didn't say we didn't have to do the family idea, I just wasn't crazy about the idea. You know me, I'm one of those people where I usually have to be convinced for something by seeing how it would play out, tbh when I first saw the asutin & ally pilot I didn't like it (i thought it was funny and all), but I thought they were going to make austin and ally start dating like in the first season, which would be unrealistic, but now I love the show, they didn't rush anything :)

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    • (lol :P)

      Haha, to be honest Lish, I don't want to compare it to anything or make it like anything. This is it's own show. It's not supposed to be like Trish or Delia or anything. It's it's own show about a quirky, airheaded, and bubbly girl/boy who always is getting fired from their job and has a different job in each episode

      Oh, ok I see. :) Haha, I always loved Austin & Ally. :P

      If you guys didn't notice, I didn't pitch the short series idea as mine. I specifically said we need a short series and that if you have any ideas you can list them. No one has really been giving any ideas. :P

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    • I still think it would be a good idea for a behind the scenes series where they go to different sets or have different wiki stars interview at their "studio"

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    • Tatertat I like that idea too :D like a bts of what goes on bts and it could be like leo litle's big show or mike's super short show, and they visit shows and movies. Maybe it could star some of our actors who arent in any shows or something? :D

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    • I like it! :D

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    • BTW, the thread for my idea for the short is this link: What's Up? Idea

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