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Trey Cameron
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Trey Adam Cameron
December 1st,1996
Los Angeles, California
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Gary and Gerry Dugan
Max King

   Trey Cameron is an American actor who plays Gary and Gerry Dugan in Gary and Gerry and will be in Too Little Too Late as Max King.

​Early lifeEdit

Trey was born on December 1st,1996 to Kali and Joey Cameron. He loved to act out books,movies,and TV shows he would watch. He told his parents one day that he wanted to be an actor. He then auditioned for roles and started his career.


2005-2011 Big dreams and a new startEdit

Trey auditioned for a role in a movie called Big dreams. He got the part of the lead role' s older brother, James. He bonded with his co-stars and at the premier,he was interviewed about the movie and his co-stars. In 2006,he auditioned for a show called Madison & Jake,playing one of the lead roles,Jake. He did commercials for Hershey' s chocolate and McDonald's. Trey made a guest appearance in 2007 in Not your average girl playing Michael. Later that year,his show was renewed for a second season. In 2008,he auditioned for a movie role in Kathryn's life as her friend,Josh. He was called in 2009 and got the part. In 2010,Madison & Jake was renewed for a third season and durring filming,he posted on Twitter that he is excited for what's next. In 2011,he made an appearance in The Muppets as a busboy. He also did interviews with his co-star. 

2012-present Wiki Channel and moreEdit

Trey took a short break in 2012 and in late 2012,Madison & Jake was renewed for a fourth season. The show was one of the most successful shows on Nick. When Trey finished filming in 2013, he said if the show was renewed for a fifth season,he would be overjoyed. In 2014,the show was renewed for a fifth season and Trey was excited. In 2014,he said he would be working with Wiki Channel in the future. He later on said that he wanted to move on from Madison & Jake to work on other projects and so did his co-star. Nick then cancelled the show and he moved on. Trey was offered to voice Gary and Gerry Dugan in Gary and Gerry. He accepted and said "I really enjoyed working with Wiki Channel. They have been supporting me and others." 

He is set to be in Too Little Too Late as Max King in early 2015.

It was later announced that Trey will be leaving the project and would be replaced by Dennis Krist. It is not known why he left.


Movies & Shows
Year Title Role Notes
2006 Big Dreams James Movie
2007-2013 Madison & Jake Jake Show
2008 Kathryn' s life Josh Movie
2013-2014 Gary and Gerry Gary and Gerry Dugan Show
2015 Too Little Too Late Max King Movie

​​Personal lifeEdit

Trey has a 10 year old sister named Grace. He likes to play basketball in his free time. He is homeshooled along with his sister. Trey is currently dating Jasmine Byran.

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