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Luke Dallas's birthday nightmare
You may have heard that last night was RockDaly star Luke Dallas's birthday dinner. But what you may not have heard is exactly how it turned out - and trust us, it wasn't good.

An attendee of the party, who asked to remain anonymous, reports that although the dinner started out fun, at about twenty minutes into the event things went downhill fast.

TJ Martin, who appears on Edgewater Falls alongside Luke's friend Sophie Beckett and was among the many Wiki Channel actors on the guest list, arrived shortly after dinner began, joined by "several" people, including Liberty Dillon (In Due Time) and twins Andrew and Jackson Epson (NCFA Academy), who were not invited by Beckett or Dallas.

Our source reports that Beckett later called Martin rude, stating, "...I wasn't aware when I was planning that someone would rudely invite five extra people without contacting me." This comment did not sit well with Martin, who fired back with some "choice insults of her own".

Beckett was defended by Dallas and her co-star, Chantelle, and what started as an "admittedly thoughtless comment" quickly turned into a heated argument as the remaining guests began taking sides. Dallas ended up storming out of his own party early, with the rest of the attendees following shortly thereafter.

However, a separate source reports that while sparks flew between Beckett and Martin, a different kind of sparks were also flying between two other attendees - specifically, exes Lucas Jenkins and Liberty Dillon. This source reports that the two were sitting together prior to the beginning of the argument and looking "a lot like a couple", including "a lot of hand-holding, teasing, and gazing". The two broke up at the end of last year, though, interestingly, this news comes just two days after Jenkins finally changed his Chatter profile to no longer feature Dillon. Now, before you write us off as just overreacting, it gets better - after the drama began, they apparently "slipped off together", and our source later overheard them outside talking, specifically "{Lucas} telling {Liberty} that he still really liked her, that he wanted back together with her". Before you freak out too much, keep in mind that our source also states that they "couldn't really hear them well" and that they "might have misheard". This does sound pretty definite to us though! How Dillon reacted to what Jenkins said, however, is still unknown, though they were seen sharing a "really long" hug before Dillon left with Martin.

Sounds like an exciting night, though not necessarily how Dallas was hoping to spend his birthday.

(but that's none of our business.)

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