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Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century has quickly become one of the most popular shows on Wiki Channel in ratings since its premiere this May. Its first season is coming to a close, with the one-hour season finale "Continuum" premiering September 21st, and its second season is scheduled to premiere on October 26th, and will introduce Allison Felds to the cast, joining Wiki Records artist Laura Minx, Pretty Geeky's Noah Carson, The Other Universe's Max Nickel, and Amera Columbia.

It has also been confirmed that a number of other actors will be making appearances throughout the season. Keith Hernandez and Luke Dallas, who were recently cast in the new Wiki Channel pilot RockDaly, will play Sherman (Nickel)'s friends Orville and Brian, members of the news team at the school, alongside Behind the Scenes's Dayana Bennett as Miranda. Fan-favorites Kimberly (portrayed by Amy Kettle), Amber (Saylor Lee), Brock (Sam Byran), Maria (Marissa Lunar), Beverly (Jennifer Kyles), and Mandy Patinski (Harmony Charme) will also be returning with major roles, joined by new character Lincoln (Dennis Krist, who will be making his debut in the next episode, "Unlicensed Travelers", premiering September 14th). DatNuttyKid has also confirmed that Krist will get the spotlight in five short segments that will premiere every week before new episodes of Nerd Girls, titled "Lincoln's Guide to Time Traveling", which will show exclusive clips from Season 2.

Several guest roles have also been booked, many from different eras in time, including King Arthur (who will be portrayed by newcomer Josh Vince).

Filming for Season 2 of Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century began on August 24th, and is currently on hiatus until September 21st.

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