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Who is Chad Cotten's mystery girl?
You may have noticed at the start of this year when Ackerman Agent's Chad Cotten updated his Chatter profile and made his first chit since May of 2015. If you did notice this, you're also aware that his new profile picture shows a cute picture of him kissing an unknown girl, who is also present in his chit bubble sitting next to him on a cliff. He recently posted another picture of him kissing the same girl at Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2016. So we're here to ask the same question everyone's asking: who is this mystery girl?

From what we've heard, her name is Angel Rosario, and she is an aspiring fashion designer from San Francisco, where Cotten currently resides. An anonymous friend of Cotten's also stated that they've been dating for two years, but that they kept it private to avoid the press bothering them on dates. Apparently they don't mind that anymore! The same friend also noted that Rosario has started acting recently. Is there any chance of us seeing this happy couple on Wiki Channel together soon? Time will tell!

So now you know: Chad Cotten is dating Angel Rosario, and has been since 2014!

(but that's none of our business.)

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