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4 Way Street Releases EP "Troublemaker"...To Be Troublemakers?

Troublemaker 4 way street
#Troublemaker #Hurricane
Last night 4 Way Street basically broke Chatter when they released a SURPRISE EP titled "Troublemaker," featuring 5 new songs with the title track being the lead single. 4 Way Girls (and 4 Way Guys) were chitting galore about the EP that's currently climbing the charts. But it seems that the word "Troublemaker" means more than it seems for 4WS. A lot couldn't help but notice that 4 Way Street decided to release the EP on the same day that a certain single was releasing- "Hurricane" by Let's ROK, a boy band that has been pitted up against 4 Way Street various times, especially by fans. Hurricane began promotion in the beginning of August and the public was made well aware about it. Is 4WS trying to steal some spotlight away from LR, maybe impact their chart success? Their song says "troublemaker yeah that's your middle name" but it seems they're talking about themselves. What do you guys think about this move?
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