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Wiki Channel is bringing back the spy kids with brand new pilot, "Ackerman Agent," a unique twist on the classic spy tale. The action packed pilot follows the life of a teenage boy, along with his fiercely independent partner, who works for an undercover spy agency disguised as his very own high school, Ackerman High. The series will go to lengths Wiki Channel has never gone to before and will surely deliver an entertaining storyline for teens.

The story follows Troy Jeff, an ordinary boy, very intelligent, extremely mature, and talented. He attends Ackerman High School, a very normal high school in a quiet but comfy town. But, one fateful night, Troy finds out the school isn’t so normal when he accidentally goes through a secret door, discovering the school is really a spy agency base disguised as a high school. After recently going through a major scandal, the agency plans to use the high school as a cover to keep their reforming agency a secret. And suddenly, Troy finds himself pulled into the madness when he is recruited to become one of the first high school spy agents. Now Troy must adjust to his new spy-high life. Accompanying him is his best friend, Landon, his gym teacher who is a spy, Coach Solomon, and his new spy partner, Myra Jade, who doesn’t exactly take working with him too well. But as time goes on, Troy and Myra become an unbreakable team that always gets the job done.

“Ackerman Agent” is executive produced and written by Austin9393. Casting is currently taking place for the series and the pilot will begin filming in March 2014. The pilot will be evaluated and set for a possible premiere in 2014.

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