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Wiki Channel has just ordered two new pilots, "Studio Funny," a traditional sketch comedy, and "In Due Time," a single camera mystery-thriller. The two pilots will be firsts for Wiki Channel: Wiki Channel's first sketch comedy pilot and first mystery thriller. Both pilots will film later this year for consideration to air on Wiki Channel.

"Studio Funny" is a sketch comedy pilot that follows six teenagers who work on a live sketch comedy show everyday. The cast consists of three girls and three boys. The pilot will follow the traditional sketch comedy format, featuring six hilarious sketches performed by the cast and a musical performance.

The pilot will be Wiki Channel's first ever sketch comedy. The majority of Wiki Channel's series' deliver situational comedy as well as educational lessons. "Studio Funny" will meet those same qualities but on a higher caliber as everything in the pilot will be comedy.

"In Due Time" follows Connor, a street kid who had to work hard for everything he has and Jenn, a rich girl who never really had too work for anything in her life. However, Jenn is suffering from the recent death of her grandfather, one of the only friends she has ever had. But after finding a note in the clock that her grandfather left for her, Jenn is guaranteed that he is still alive. Sadly, no one believes her. After Connor is caught sneaking into Jenn's garage, he is promised by Jenn that she won't turn him in if he helps her find her grandfather, to which Connor accepts. The pilot will follow Connor and Jenn trying to Jenn's grandfather while keeping Connor a secret from the rest of her family.

About the mystery pilot, Wiki Channel board member, Jessie1010, said: "In Due Time is our very first mystery pilot. Wiki Channel does not have much of this and we are excited to explore the different plot lines we can have using the mystery theme. If this pilot does well, our viewers will be seeing a lot more of these types of shows."

"Studio Funny" and "In Due Time" both are produced by Silly1!. Casting for the pilots is underway and filming will be begin in summer 2014.

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