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Big Stars Are A'Comin!

Hey readers, the Weebley is back with another steamy issue of juicy tidbits and this time around, we're focusing on Wiki Channel stars! Coming your way we have the scoop on the cast reveal of Wiki Channel's upcoming musical, East Meets West, and we'll be talking about some Wiki Channel stars who we just might be seeing more of! Check it out!


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Wiki Channel has just announced the cast of their upcoming musical East Meets West and we couldn't be more excited about it!

East Meets West follows the story of choir singer turned phenomenal journalist, Rachel Gold, who joins the cheerleading team to kick off her first year at Eastwood High. After making the team, she is tasked with sneaking into Westwood High's, the rival school's, trophy case to steal a basketball trophy. But, after being caught by Westwood's drama teacher, Rachel finds herself being blackmailed into starring in Westwood's spring musical alongside the school's basketball jock, Ricky Francis. And when her participation in the musical is exposed to Eastwood, Rachel finds herself as a social outcast. Now Rachel must figure out how to mend the feud between Eastwood and Westwood not only so she can regain the liking of her classmates and the two schools can be friends but also so she can win back the guy she's grown to care about, Ricky. This movie definitely sounds like a new take on the hit musical, "West Side Story," along with Disney's "High School Musical"! We love it!

Starring as confident cheerleader, Rachel Gold, is Wiki Records artist, Chesney Ramirez, and playing her love interest, Ricky Francis, will be "Kitty Couture" star, Alexander Franks! We are super excited to see these two together! About being cast, Chesney told our reps:

"It's an honor to be joining the Wiki Channel family for a project like this! Working with Alexander is amazing, he's so talented and I'm learning so much from him."

We can't wait to see what they'll bring to the table for Rachel and Ricky! Ramirez has also recently dropped a new single, "Shake," which is great! Her new music should be great to help us get to know her style! Also partaking in the film is another Wiki Records artist, Rayelle, who also will be starring in Wiki Channel's upcoming series, "Ackerman Agent." Playing her jock boyfriend is Kelly Lloyd, the portrayer of Riley in "Luke & Lauren." Lloyd was on Broadway for seven years so it's no surprise that he's in the film. He told our reps:

"I'm very happy to be working on this. Not only am I playing Jess but I'm also working on music for the film with the producers so I'm very excited to show some of our viewers some Broadway! [laughs]"

Also starring in the film is Stephen Johnson as Ricky's best friend, Jason, and "Luke & Lauren" star, Shelly Yanes, as Ally, Rachel's new cheerleader BFF. We are so excited to see these two! About the film, Johnson said:

"I'm so blessed to be working with such an amazing cast and crew."

Yanes recently revealed that she wasn't all that interested in pursuing a singing career but she will be doing a lot of music for Wiki Channel! This must be a part of that! About working with Johnson, Yanes told us:

"Stephen is my new best friend. Hashtag nuff said."
How sweet! This movie should be good, we're excited to see it! Follow the actors on Chatter for updates about the film!

The Wiki Channel star list is currently being topped by stars such as Lisha Jane, Tristan Conti, Joseph Brandon, Marley Michele, and Marcus McCloud. But they may not be at the top for too long. Wiki Channel has a whole lot of actors and actress about to hit the channel hard!

Casey Fox pic.jpg
Wiki Channel's new show Super Cool Cori just premiered and over 3 million viewers watched! The show seems to have been good and it good a pretty good response! Fox stars as Cori Landcaster, a chill tomboy with an active spirit. If this show becomes a hit like we're predicting, Fox could be their next big star! Fox also sings the show's theme song, "High Ground," which was featured on Wiki Channel's new soundtrack "Ready 2 Rock." Maybe we'll hear more of her singing voice later on!
Mikayla picture.jpg
This summer, Mikayla Totten will star as Casey Jennings in Wiki Channel's upcoming series, G.I. Jennings, a show that follows a teenage girl and her little brother who move back to their old military base after their parents get remarried. Mikayla has already been getting fans excited for the show by posting pictures on Chatter and giving them updates about filming! Totten could very well have a chance at being a big Wiki Channel star as well. She also will be starring in Wiki Channel's upcoming original movie, Too Little Too Late, as mean girl, Courtney Alice.
Rayelle and Peyton.png
Rayelle and Peyton star in Wiki Channel's upcoming fall series, Ackerman Agent, a show that follows a teenage spy and his feisty partner. These two are going to make a great pair together! The plot for the show even hints that there may be a little more than friendship between their two characters so maybe we'll see them play out a romance! We're so excited to see how Peyton and Rayelle blossom! Rayelle will also be releasing some music soon, so that may even boost her fame.
Shake Chesney Ramirez cover art.png
Chesney Ramirez is our next speculated Wiki Channel big star! First off, this girl just released her new single, Shake, which is great! We'll also be seeing her very soon in a big Wiki Channel musical, East Meets West. Will Wiki Channel maybe land Ramirez a role in a TV series? Ramirez has so much going on and Wiki Channel seems to be fully supporting her! She definitely is going somewhere awesome with the channel!

Olivia Staton is blowing up Chatter all day, everyday, and if she isn't a TV celebrity, she's definitely a Chatter celebrity! Staton also recurs as a character on Wiki Channel's mini series, What's Up?. Later this year, she will star in Too Little Too Late as Renee Sage, which is a huge role! Maybe Staton has her own show waiting for her in the future! There is so much potential for this girl! When asked about being a future Wiki Channel star, Staton said:

"Being the next big Wiki Channel star would probably be a huge thing and it would be a huge honor for me. It would be a great position for me to fill!"

Nice! You never know what the future holds!

Lastly we want to mention Zander Sun! Zander Sun is in a Wiki Records band titled Zander Sun & the Stars! Not only does he sing but also will be starring in Wiki Channel's upcoming Halloween themed movie, ZAYN, as the title character who is a teenage werewolf. The whole werewolf and vampire scene has been pretty popular over the past years. Is Zander the next heartthrob that Wiki Channel has been looking for?

There are a whole lot of awesome actors who have a chance at making it big with Wiki Channel! Out of all of these actors, who do you want to see more of the most? Vote below!

Thanks for catching this Weebley! Look out for more, soon! :)