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Wiki Channel has announced the premiere dates of its first ever mystery-thriller, In Due Time, and action movie Trapped: The Escape Challenge.They are set to premiere Friday, January 9th.

Trapped: The Escape Challenge - 7:30/6:30 central
Six talented teens - Ben, Avalon, Devon, Hailey, Randy, and Rhiley - are called in for a special opportunity to use their gifts to a special use. Run by scientist, Dr. Ludvig, they are split into two teams and are given three days to escape a very difficult maze in a mansion. The one who completes the task most successfully wins the special opportunity. But in reality, Dr. Ludvig is trying to make the six use their talents as much as possible so he can use the results to develop a serum, a serum that will ultimately transform him into the most talented and intelligent human in the world. After trying to escape on their own but failing, some of the teens finally decide to call it quits and request to go home. However, Dr. Ludvig refuses to let them go and at that moment, they realize it is not just a game or competition. The six soon conclude that to get out of the torturous maze, they'll have to work together, each and every one of them, using their talents. With danger, pride, and a bit of romance ahead of them, these six very different teens are in for an adventure. And with strong friendship and great teamwork, they can battle it all.

According to a producer at Wiki Channel Enterprises "This movie is kind of different. You have seen an action movie, but never put like this."

In Due Time - 9:00/8:00 central
After a series of unfortunate events, street kid Connor stumbles upon the Matthews house, a big mansion that belongs to a very successful family. When Connor realizes this would be a perfect opportunity to "borrow" something, he gets caught by Jenn, middle child and only girl to the Matthews. Jenn, recently stricken by the death of her grandfather, aids in his help to prove her theory is right or she will turn him into the authorities.

According to show creator, Silly!, "This show is compared to other things we have on this channel. It is a lot more mature, and it follows some more store characters."

It's second episode will return to its normal time slot on Wednesday's at 8:30/7:30 central.

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