Wiki Channel, V.I.P. Doll Collection
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Created by: NYCgleek
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Original run: January 1, 2014

The Wiki Channel, V.I.P. Doll Collection is doll collection based off of the female lead characters in tv series and movies featured on the Wiki Channel. 


Each set of dolls that are released are based on fan favorite leading female roles from Wiki Channel original series and movies. Every collection has a total of 6 dolls that are available for purchase that year. On Easter 2013, it was revealed that the first six set of dolls have been finalized. The Marley King (from the Aca-Girls) doll was said to be limited edition seeing as her show was slated that year. However the character Juliana Jennings (from JATBSA) doll did not make the 2014 cut and was shelved. It has also been rumored that the Cori Landcaster (from Super Cool Cori) doll will begin being sold limited edition along side the other 2014 collection dolls when the Aca-Girls ends during the summer 2014. After this, it is said that the Cori doll will take the place of the Marley King doll for the rest of 2014 respectivly. On Friday January 10th 2014, it as announced that "Teens" would not be picked up as a series and the Nicole doll was shelved. NYCgleek, co-founder of the Wiki Channel Company, announced that show star Rayelle, we be co-starring in a brand new series and her character might get a doll during the 2015-2016 2nd edition doll release. She then stated their will be new dolls each year. 


The first collection of dolls set to be released in the USA and Canada are based on characters from shows that will be airing in 2014. The first set of dolls will not start being sold until winter 2014-2015 in stores, but a secret online purchase can be made on the Wiki Channel official doll website from September 1st, 2014 until Septermber 20th, 2014. These dolls include:

Valencia "Val" Green from "Kitty Couture", 1st Edition (played by Lisha Jane)

Lauren Conner from "Luke & Lauren", 1st Edition (played by Shelly Yanes )

Miranda Johnson from "Miss Good Girl", 1st Edition (played by Spencer Raye Jackson)

Cori Landcaster from "Super Cool Cori", 1st Edition (played by Casey Fox)

Jess Linderson from "Dramatically Average", 1st Edition (played by Nicole Martin)

Casey Jennings from "G.I. Jennings", 1st Edition (played by Mikayla Totten)

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