What's Up?
What's Up With
Genre: Comedy

Behind The Scenes

Created by: Tatertat
Starring: Dani Wilkins

Josh Andrews Jr.

Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 27
Executive producer(s): Tatertat
Camera setup: Single-camera
Running time: 3 minutes
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions
Show Location(s): Los Angelos, California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Original run: April 18, 2014 - present

What's Up With...? is a Wiki Channel short show. This show was picked up March 17, 2014 and started production on March 24, 2014. The show takes viewers behind the scenes of Wiki Channel.


The show stars two best friends who run the show in their treehouse. There, they interview Wiki Channel stars and talk about major events coming up on the channel. They also sometimes travel to different sets to check them out and interview the stars there. The show also features a neighborhood friend who also happens to be a major fangirl when it comes Wiki Channel. Each week, the two best friends will cover a certain topic that would be include in the title & opening credits for that episode.

Ex. What's Up With......James in Hollywood?  Then you will know that the topic for the episode will be about James in Hollywood.

What's Up With JIH


Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 12 August 24, 2014 Late 2014
2 15 January 3, 2015 2015


Season 1Edit

The first season of "What's Up With..?" was picked up in early 2014, for a total of 12 episode shorts.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "What Up With...Not Another Happily Ever After?" TBA Shelley Jensen April 18, 2014 101 3.34

Dani and Josh interview NOT Another Happily Ever After stars Tristan Conti & Crystal Diane. But will a certain neighborhood fangirl get in the way of their first big interview? Plus Josh asks the one question everyone is asking, Are they dating?

Recurring Cast: Olivia Staton as Neighborhood Fangirl

Guest Stars: Tristan Conti & Crystal Diane

Note: This is the pilot episode. This episode introuduces Dani, Josh & Olivia.

2 2 " What's Up With... Lisha Jane? " TBA Lanea Robinson May 16, 2014 102 3.24

Dani's nerves get the best of her when one of her idols drops by, Lisha Jane. Josh is left to save the interview when she freezes up in excitement. Lisha also drops some exciting details on her new music and a little about what coming up on Kitty Couture!

Guest star: Lisha Jane from Kitty Couture

Note: This episode kicks off regular bi-weekly airings of the show.


3 "What's Up With... Ready 2 Rock?" TBA

Lanea Robinson

May 30,2014  103  3.5

To celebrate the release of the first Wiki Channel album, Dani & Josh decided to make a music video mashup with all the songs featured in the album!

Note:This is the first episode where it is just the two of them in the treehouse.

4 4 What's Up With...Stand Up Week? " Shelley Jensen June 13, 2014 104

Josh is getting sick of Dani's jokes about him and wants to put them a stop. He calls in Olivia to help him out.  Dani learns the difference between a joke and a mean comment. They also talk about the first themed week, Stand Up Week and show some sneak peeks of the new music and episodes of the week.

Recurring Cast: Olivia Staton as Neighborhood Fangirl/Friend

Note: Due too much content, this episode was extended to 5 min. 

  • Dani & Josh do a segment about about embracing your uniqueness and host a night of Stand Up Week.
5 5 " What's Up With...High School Story? " Amira Mirlan July 11, 2014 105

Josh & Dani take their first set trip and head down to the HSS animation studios. They learn how the cartoon is made and see two very familiar faces, as well as meeting the rest of the main voice cast.

Guest Stars: Voice Cast of High School Story & HSS Animators

Note: This episode is their first out of their treehouse headquarters. It is also set back a week due to Stand Up Week.

6 6 " What's Up With...Luke & Lauren? " Cathleen Lumbard July 25,2014 106

Everything is double this week when Shelly & Marcus from Luke & Lauren show up. But it is also double the trouble when Dani & Josh have to deal with not one but two fangirls when Olivia brings her best friend over to the studio. They also get the scoop on what's coming up on Luke & Lauren.

Guest Stars: Shelly Yarns & Marcus McCloud from Luke & Lauren.

Recurring Cast: Olivia Staton as Neigborhood Fangirl & Anna Pond as her best friend

Note: This is Anna's first apperance as Neighborhood Fangirl's Bestie

7 7 "What's Up With...Life With Twins?" August 8, 2014  107

Dani & Josh make their way over to the Life With Twins set, but accidently get themselves in a scene during a live taping! Afterwards they interview the cast and learn a certain star who will be making an apperance in the next couple of episodes.

Guest Stars: Cast of Life With Twins

Note: This is their second set visit. They are also actually seen in the background during one of the upcoming episodes.

8 8 "What's Up With...Jasmine Byran?" August 22,2014 108

Dani & Josh talk to NOT Another Happily Ever After star, Jasmine Bryan about her experience working with her co-stars. And they don't forget to ask about her relationship w/ upcoming wiki channel actor, Trey Cameron. They also get surprised with the fact that she friends with a familar fangirl.

Recurring Cast: Olivia Staton as Neighborhood Fangirl

Guest Star: Jasmine Byran form NOT Another Happily Ever After

9 9 "What's Up With...Too Little Too Late?" September 5, 2014 109

Dani & Josh visit the the set of Too Little Too Late. They are shocked to find a familar neighborhood fangirl acting in the movie. They find out the scoop on what's going on with both the movie and the cast.

Recurring Cast: Olivia Staton as Neighborhood Fangirl

Guest stars: The Cast of Too Little Too Late


10 "What's Up With... Mikayla Totten?" September 19, 2014 110

Since they missed her on the Too Late Too Late movie set, they decided to bring her in to the studio. But Dani is kinda stuck when Josh goes all love-dovey on Mikayla. Realizing that Mikayla is actually his celebrity crush, Dani has take the reins for the show, while making sure Josh doesnt make a fool out of himself. They also gets some scoop on her new series, G.I. Jennings.

Guest Cast: Mikayla Totten from G.I. Jennings


111 "What's Up With... Zander Sun?" October 3, 2015 111
Zander arrives to the What's Up With... treehouse! To surprise Josh, Dani asked him to arrive in his ZAYN costume! Here's the thing...Josh is very afraid of wolves of any kind! So when Zander decides to "scare" Josh, things dont turn out well for either of them! They also get some scoop on ZAYN and new music from Zander Sun & the Stars!

Guest Cast: Zander Sun from ZAYN


112 "What's Up With... Aiden Kristoff?" October 17, 2015 112
To get more scoop on the newest ship Avia (Aiden & Olivia), Josh & Dani brings in Aiden while Olivia is watching them. After getting some scoop on his new role on Ackerman Agent & Too Little Too Late, they decided to do some matchmaking and leave Aiden & Olivia in the treehouse alone! But when the treehouse ladder breaks after Josh & Dani get down, They have to figure out a way to get them out of there, while trying to see what are they doing!

Recurring Cast:Olivia Staton as Neighorbood Fangirl/Friend

Guest Cast: Aiden Kristoff from Ackerman Agent & Too Little Too Late

Note: This is the last episode of Season 1!

Season 2Edit

The second season of "What's Up With..?" was picked up in July 2014, for a total of 15 episode shorts.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

13 1 "What's Up With...Winter 2015?" TBA TBA January 2, 2015 201 TBA

Josh & Dani want to make an awesome song to show all the winter 2015 highlights and call in Olivia for help! The problem is they have to do it over webcam since she is still shooting her movie!

Recurring Cast: Olivia Staton as Neighborhood Fangirl and Special Guest!

Note: This is the first episode for Season Two! Plus, do to it being the season premiere it is 5 minutes instead of 3.

14 2 "What's Up With...East Meets West Premiere?" TBA TBA January 16,2015 202 TBA

Josh and Dani hit their first movie premiere. They are super ready to hit the red carpet, so they thought. When they discover that they were two carpets, one which was red and one blue. When the two cant decide which one they want to go to, they split up and each head down one. But they soon realize that they cant do it without the other...

Guest stars: The Cast of East Meets West & other various Wiki Channel stars.

Note: This is the first time they hit the red carpet and also that they do an interview on their own. The episode is also 5 minutes instead of the usual 3.

15 3 "What's Up With...Olivia Staton?" TBA TBA January 30, 2015 203 TBA

Josh and Dani are in the surprise of a lifetime when they found out that they actually interviewing  their neighborhood fangirl, Olivia Staton. They believe they could just wing it. But will they screw up their friendship when she realized they didn't plan anything. She also talks about TLTL and maybe even what happened in that treehouse in the season one finale.

Recurring/Special Guest Star: Olivia Staton as Neighborhood Fangirl/Friend

Note: This is the first time that Olivia is physically in the studio this season.

16 4 "What's Up With...Casey Fox?" TBA TBA February 12, 2015 204 TBA

Josh & Dani interview Super Cool Cori star, Casey Fox. But during the interview, Josh is anxious and accidently blurts out that he is leaving the show! Dani is stuck trying to calm down an upset Josh while finishing Casey's interview. Casey talks about a new Wiki Channel movie & Super Cool Cori, while also performing a little bit of Middle of Starting Over, to comfort Josh!

Guest Star: Casey Fox from Algebra Sucks & Super Cool Cori

17 5 "What's Up With...Five Minutes & Fired?" TBA TBA February 26, 2015 205 TBA

Determined to have one last adventure together before Josh has to leave to film, the duo decide to go investigate the new short show, Five Minutes & Fired. They believe that the show may be taking their place. But it soon shows that all is not what seems when they arrive at an animated studio,

Guest Stars: Various animation designers & Juila Harkens from Five Minutes & Fired.

Note: This is the last episode Josh appears him before his 8 episode hitaus.

18 6 "What's Up With...Gabriella?" TBA TBA

April 3, 2015

206 TBA

Dani meets up with her best friend, Gabriella who is set to take Josh's place. But she also finds out that she stills stutters when she's nervous. A bad habit she has since she was younger. It doesnt help when Olivia pays a visit.

Guest Stars: TBA

Note: This is the first episode featuring Gabriella.

19 7 "What's Up With...Lucas Jenkins?" TBA TBA May 2, 2015 207 TBA

Gabby faces her first interview with upcoming Wiki Records and Channel star, Lucas Jenkins. But when its revealed that she is his biggest fan, Dani must gets some sense into her before she ruins the whole thing. Lucas also talks about his new album and Miss Good Girl

Guest Stars: Lucas Jenkins from Miss Good Girl

20 8 "What's Up With...In Due Time?" TBA TBA May 15, 2015 208 TBA

The girls visit the In Due Time set. Claiming that they were scardy-cats, they set a challenge to see who will get scared first. Little did they know the cast had other ideas. They also interview the cast and find out what's happening in the season 1B coming up.

Guest Stars: The cast of 1B season of In Due Time

21 9 "What's Up With...ILY &..4 Way Street?" TBA TBA May 29, 2015 209 TBA

When they accidently book two groups at once, the girls have to figure out how to interview them both, without the other seeing. They also bring Olivia for help. Will they succeced? They also hear about their new music from each group.

Recurring Cast: Olivia Station as Neighborhood Fangirl/Friend

Guest Stars: 4 Way Street & ILY

22 10 "What's Up With...The Other Universe?" TBA TBA June 12, 2015 210 TBA

When Gabriella keeps excusing herself to leave the treehouse early for the past two weeks, Dani decides to follow her. But she ends up confused as she walks onto a movie set.

Guest Stars: The Cast of The Other Universe

22 11 "What's Up With...Oliver West?" TBA TBA June 19, 2015 211 TBA

The girls are excited when heartthob, Oliver West hits the studio. But are scared he is a jerk in real life like in the show. So they get themselves prepared with pranks...what could go wrong? He also discusses Miss Good Girl and Life With Twins.

Guest Stars: Oliver West from Miss Good Girl

21 12 "What's Up With...Summer 2015?" TBA TBA June 25, 2015 212 TBA

Olivia comes back and helps the tell the tale of Wiki Channel Summer 2015.

Guest Stars: TBA

21 13 "What's Up With...?" TBA TBA

July 10,2015

213 TBA


Guest Stars: TBA

21 14 "What's Up With...Kitty Couture?" TBA TBA TBA 214 TBA


Guest Stars: The Cast of Kitty Couture

Note: This is Josh's first episode back.

21 15 "What's Up With...Dramatically Average?" TBA TBA TBA 215 TBA

The gang gives you the exclusive look of how to make an tv show. From table reads to actually shooting the episode

Guest Stars: The cast and crew of Dramatically Average

Note: 15 minute special event, which is connected to an Dramatically Average episode, FlashBack Average which premieres after.

21 9 "What's Up With...Josh?" TBA TBA TBA 216 TBA

Josh goes behind Dani's back to help show what he really feels for her with the help of Gabby. But problem is he's is getting interviewed at the studio next.

Guest Stars: TBA

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