Wiki Channel: Ready 2 Rock
Wiki Channel Sountrack2
Album by Wiki Channel Stars
Released: June 3, 2014
Show/Movie: Wiki Channel Shows
Genre(s): Pop
Singles: Had Me @ Hello
Wiki Channel: Ready 2 Rock is a Wiki Channel Music Group album that features music from Wiki Channel's hit shows and artists. This is Wiki Channel's first ever album and the first release from Wiki Channel Music Group.


  1. Me, Myself, and I - Lisha Jane
  2. So Far, So Great - Joseph Brandon
  3. Ordinary Day - Tristan Conti
  4. Roar (Acoustic Version) - Spencer Raye Jackson (the regular version is featured in an episode)
  5. Gotta Be You - Joseph Brandon
  6. All About Tonight - Lisha Jane
  7. Baby I - Percilla
  8. Tru Blu - De'Andre Chase III (feat. ILY)
  9. Better With You - Marcus McCloud
  10. A Wonderful Life - Spencer Raye Jackson
  11. Good to be Home - Lisha Jane
  12. Had Me @ Hello - Lilly & Abby
  13. High Ground - Casey Fox
  14. Don't Look Down - Crystal Diane and Tristan Conti


  • This soundtrack has been in production since December 2013.
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