Wiki Channel Dance Party
The boxart for the Wii U version.
Album by Wiki Channel Stars
Released: July 22, 2016
Show/Movie: Wiki Channel Shows
Genre(s): Pop, R&B, Dance-Pop, Electropop

Wiki Channel Dance Party is a video game that features music from Wiki Channel's hit shows, movies, and artists. This is Wiki Channel's first ever video game.


  1. All About Tonight - Lisha Jane
  2. All Hands On Deck - Chantelle
  3. Beat Of My Drum - Rayelle
  4. Bo$$ - Chesney Ramirez, Percilla Gold, and Lala Parks
  5. Break Free - Chesney Ramirez and Percilla Gold
  6. Contagious Love - Rebecca Anderson and Valéria Madison
  7. Hurricane - Ashley Kettle
  8. I'm In Love With A Monster - Cecelia Kristine
  9. It's Our World - Sienna Forbes
  10. Make A Scene - Josephine Anderson
  11. Miss Movin On - Cecelia Kristine
  12. Moves Like Magic - 4 Way Street
  13. Shake Your Booty - Let's ROK
  14. Sharp As A Razor - ILY
  15. Some Call It Magic - Rebecca Anderson and Valéria Madison
  16. Too Much - Rayelle
  17. Undateable - Ashley Kettle
  18. You, Me, and the Beat - Shelly Yanes


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