The Wiki Channel Movies Leaderboard is a list that keeps track of the Wiki Channel movies' publicity points which determines their ranking in their popularity. Wiki Channel movies gain popularity by getting points. Points can be obtained by simply getting publicity for the movie. See the list below to see how many points each act of publicity is worth. If a movie has received over 100 points, it is able to receive a sequel.

Publicity Points Table
Publicity # of Points
First of Genre 20
Familiar Actor 5-20
Weebley Headline Feature (big feature) 15
Weebley Small Feature (small section in post) 10
Sequel/Based off Book/Reboot 10
Part of Wiki Special 10
"Special" Genre 10
Promotional videos/photos 5
Actor signed to Wiki Records 5
Merchandise/Singles 5
Season Themed 5

Notes TBA.

Points of MoviesEdit

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