The Wiki Channel Shows Leaderboard is a list that keeps track of the Wiki Channel shows' publicity points which determines their ranking in their popularity. Wiki Channel shows gain popularity by getting points. Points can be obtained by simply getting publicity for the show including (but not limited to) being featured in a Wiki Channel Weebley, having a feature on What's Up With...?, having a special video posted for the show on the Wiki Channel Youtube, etc. See the list below to see how many points each act of publicity is worth.

Publicity Points Table
Publicity # of Points
Show is picked up to series (starting points) 25
Developed wiki for the show (see below for more details) 25
New show starring famous/accomplished actor/singer (points depend on credentials and importance in show) 5-15
Weebley Headline Feature (big feature) 15
Press Release about show 15
The Pilot post about show 15
New Season pick up for show 15
Episode Star Rating 5-15
Weebley Small Feature (small section in post) 10
Special episode (hour event, special guest star, etc.) 10
What's Up With...? appearance/feature 10
Wiki Channel Youtube video post 10
Actor stars in WCOM 10
A wiki for the show is first made 10
Publicity of an actor on the show (in a Weebley, signed to WR, in a Pilot, etc.) 5
Promotional image for show 5
Song release from the show 5
Being involved in a Wiki Channel special event 5
Actor is supporting character in WCOM 5
Merchandise 5


  • Actor publicity does not apply to cartoon shows since voice actors do not bring much attention to their shows. The publicity will only count if an actor from the show mentions the cartoon show they're on (in an interview, quote, etc.)
  • A developed wiki for a show must have all main/recurring character pages and pages for 50% of the made episodes.
  • Shows do not receive points for season pick up press releases since they already receive points for the renewal.
  • Shows cannot get actor publicity points from a Weebley if it is already receiving feature points and the publicity for the actor comes from that same section.
  • Please do not add points until whatever the show is getting points for actually airs/happens. The points affect the ratings and the popularity and the show's ratings/popularity wouldn't go up until it actually happens.
Wiki Channel Shows Leaderboard (edit)
Show # of Points
Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century 355
Ackerman Agent 285
Life with Twins 280
G.I. Jennings 230
Kitty Couture 225
High School Story 215
Nerd Girls 205
Break Free 190
Genie! 190
Miss Good Girl 185
The Family Plan 180
In Due Time 170
Luke & Lauren 170
James in Hollywood 165
Dramatically Average 220
Becoming a Sendy 125
Super Cool Cori 110
Gary and Gerry 105
Jamie & Jackie 70
Leslie Wireless 60
Blank #1 TOP SHOW


  • Most Popular - Ratings would typically be in the high 3 millions, specials/hour long events and really good nights would get in the 4 millions, bad nights they'd be in the low 3 millions (possibly but rarely 2 million)
  • Popular - Ratings would be in the lower/average 3 millions, good nights would get in the high 3 millions and bad nights in the 2 millions.
  • Average - Ratings would typically be in the 2 millions, good nights they'd get in the 3 millions, and really bad nights would see really low 2 millions and sometimes 1 millions


  • 120 points or more would be considered hit new shows with ratings generally in the high 3 millions, sometimes 4 millions, the premiere would be above 5 million
  • 70-119 points would be regular new shows with ratings generally in the average 3 million range and the premiere would be over 4 million
  • 69 points and below would be considered struggling shows and would just get ratings in the 3 million range, sometimes high 2 million, and then the premiere would be either in the 3 million or low 4 million range
After the show has been airing for 2 months, it is no longer considered a new show and must comply to the regular leaderboard rules. Also keep in mind that how a show premiered can also impact it's premiere ratings.

Points of Shows

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