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Wiki Channel Weebley is a gossip blog series that delivers all of the juciest tidbits and information from Wiki Channel, Wiki stars, Wiki Records, and anything Wiki related! Check out the issue of Wiki Channel Weebley below!

Weebley IssuesEdit

Weebley Fun FactsEdit

  • An interview with Lisha Jane is coming soon.
  • Wiki Channel Weebley had their first celebrity interview with Tristan Conti in issue 1.
  • Wiki Channel Weebley first issue released on January 18, 2014.


Here is where you can make requests for things you want to see next in the Weebley! Any user who enjoys writing Weebleys and wants to take up the challenge can take a request!

  • A Weebley written in a Wiki Channel actor's point of view. A day in their life kind of thing. - Jessie1010
  • A Weebley that recaps on all the pilots Wiki Channel just picked up. - Jessie1010
  • A Chatter edition Weebley that focuses on all the hot new chits! - Jessie1010
  • More gossip about Wiki Channel actors! - Jessie1010
  • New Music! - Silly1!
  • More interviews with Wiki Channel Stars! - Silly1!
  • Something about people's new songs (ex:Jessia willow's new singles). -Junatina
  • An actor answering fan questions! - Heatherblast9
  • An Interactive version of Weebly - Tatertat
  • A throwback weebly (ex:Jasmine Byran before Wiki Channel)! - Heatherblast9
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