Here you can see a timeline of events within the Wiki Company (Wiki Channel, Wiki Records, etc.) regarding releases and special dates. All show, movie, and season premieres/finales as well album/EP releases and filming dates are bolded to stand out.


January 2016Edit

Date Event
January 1 "I Might Be Okay" Marley Michele's Album Released
January 7 All American Girl debut single release by Brienna Holt
January 12 "Storm Girl" series premiere
January 15 "Miss Good Girl" season 2 finale


February 2016Edit

Date Event
February 14 NOT Another Happily Ever After 2 Movie Premiere


January 2015 Edit

Date Event
January 2 "How Good Is Your Love," DJ Chase Single Release
January 3 "Tragically Beautiful" Spencer Raye Jackson Album Release
"Waterfalls," ILY EP Release
January 4 "Cool Kids," Jazlyn Mitchell Single Release
January 6 "Wishing I Was 23," Blonde Single Release
January 9 Trapped: The Escape Challenge Movie Premiere
In Due Time Series Premiere
"Life of the Party," Lucas Jenkins Single Release
January 11 Gary and Gerry Season 3 Premiere "How to Put Out a Fire"
January 15 "Best Mistake," Percilla Gold ft. DJ Chase Single Release
January 16 "She's Not Me, Pt. 1 & 2," Destiny Wilde Single Release
January 20 "Dragon (What You Wanted)," Carly Shu Single Release
"Gold," Chesney Ramirez Single Release
January 28 "Mr. Almost," Jasmine Byran Single Release

February 2015 Edit

Date Event
February 3 "One & The Same," Lilly & Abby Single Release
February 6 Too Little Too Late Movie Premiere
Studio Funny Series Premiere
"Show You," Lucas Jenkins Single Release
"I Promise You," Sienna Forbes Single Release
February 8 G.I. Jennings, Black History Month 2015 Episode "One Big Colorful Family"
February 14 "Heartbeat" High School Story Single Release
"Paper Planes", Crystal Diane Single Release
February 17 "Oh Cecelia (Breaking My Heart)" 4 Way Street ft. Lucas Jenkins Single Release
February 18 Ackerman Agent, Black History Month 2015 Episode "Second Time Around"
February 19 Break Free Series Premiere
February 20 "Back In Time," Matty Rivers Single Release
"Postcard," Ashley Kettle EP Release
February 21 Kitty Couture, Black History Month 2015 Episode "True Colors Couture"
February 24 "Blonde and White," Blonde Album Release

March 2015 Edit

Date Event
March 3 "Drive By," Zander Sun & the Stars Single Release
March 6 "Word Up!," Large Cluster Single Release
March 8 Life With Twins "Bikers with Twins" Special
March 10 "We Found Love," Rayelle Single Release
March 12 "Letting Go," Olivia Staton Album Release
March 13 "Unstoppable," Katy Young Single Release
March 16 Becoming a Sendy Series Premiere
March 19 "Bringing Glamour Back," 4 Way Street EP Release
March 20 "The Weight," Lucas Jenkins Single Release
March 21 High School Story Season 1 Finale
March 22 "Drop It," Kyle Collins Single Release
March 23 "I Want You To Know," Sienna Forbes Single Release
March 27 Algebra Sucks Movie Premiere
The Family Plan Series Preview
March 29 The Family Plan Series Premiere

April 2015 Edit

Date Event
April 1 "Love You, From Me", Crystal Diane Album Release
April 3 "You, Me and the Beat," Luke & Lauren Single Release
April 14 Genie! Series Preview
April 14 "All Hands On Deck," Chantelle Single Release
Genie! Series Preview
April 18 Genie! Series Premiere

May 2015 Edit

Date Event
May 4 Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century Series Premiere
May 6 Welcome to New York Filming Begins
May 7 Royal Spring Weekend Starts
May 8 Everlasting Movie Premiere
May 10 Finding Prince Charming Movie Premiere
May 14 "In This Crowd", Kyle Collins Single Release
May 22 "5 AM", Chantelle Single Release
May 24 The Homework Machine Filming Begins
May 29 Nerd Girls Series Preview
May 29 "We Don't Have To Be Ordinary", Lucas Jenkins Album Release

June 2015 Edit

Date Event
June 15 Nerd Girls Series Premiere
June 15 Temple Run Movie Premiere
June 24 Ackerman Agent Season Finale
June 26 The Homework Machine Fiming Ends

July 2015Edit

Date Event
July 3 The Other Universe Movie Premiere
July 5 All Hands On Deck (EP)" Chantelle EP Release
July 12 Welcome to New York Filming Ends
July 31 DubStep-Dad Movie Premiere

August 2015Edit

Date Event
August 10 "Somebody," Chantelle ft Kyle Collins Single Release
August 14 Sunset Mermaid Movie Premiere
August 19 Ackerman Agent Season 2 Premiere

September 2015Edit

Date Event
September 4 The Homework Machine Movie Premiere
September 12 Edgewater Falls Series Premiere
September 21 "What I Did For Love," Chantelle Single Release

October 2015Edit

Date Event
October 1-31 "Shocktober: Abracadabra!" Event
October 14 In Due Time Season 1B Premiere
October 15 "Nothin' On Me" Kyle Collins Single
October 23 Sleight of Hand Movie Premiere
October 20 "Say Love" Chantelle Single Release
Date Event
November 1-30 "November's Got the Beat!" special event
November 1 "Forgot to LaughAshley Kettle Single
November 6 Kristin Madison's My Savior release
November 7 Lisha Jane's debut album "Heaven" release
November 9 Destiny Calls premiere
November 11 Edgewater Falls mid-season finale
November 12 Katy Young's 53 Steps release
November 13 Welcome to New York Movie Premiere
November 14 Lucas Jenkins's Crazy release]]
November 20 ILY's "He Loves Me" single release
November 27 Chantelle's debut album "What Is Love " release
November 30 Let's ROK's Whenever release

December 2015Edit

Date Event
December 11 Emma & Johnny in the Ackerman Agency crossover event
December 11 Jamie & Jackie series premiere
December 25 Josephine Anderson's debut album Sailing Home release
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