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Xavier Jones
Biographical information
Full Name
Xavier Dean Jones
Zave, Zavy
September 6, 1999
Providence, Rhode Island
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Ricky Mathews

   Xavier Jones (Born September 6, 1999) is an American actor. He is known to have roles outside of Wiki Channel.

Early LifeEdit

Xavier was born on September 6, 1999 to Patricia and Darrell Jones. He was very athletic and very good at sports at ayoung age. He would play various sports like Basketball and Soccer, and would play it all day, every day. He played sports so much that it was even affecting his grades, and his parents weren't to happy about that. As a punishment, they put him in a school play and he loved it. He started to not stop rehearsing for that play, which started to give him good grades. A famous hollywood executive came to that play and saw him perform. They gave him a good review and asked him to be a part of their Hollywood production, which he gladly accepted. He then moved down to Los Angeles with his aunt.


2008: Welcome to My WorldEdit

In 2008, he was given the role of Hadley Marks, the annoying child of the Marks family in Welcome to My World. The series was a big hit, and lasted for 4 seasons. A fifth season was planned for production, but it never happened. The actors on that show said that they wanted to further intodifferent projects, and Jones was one of them. He said he was grateful for everything that show was giving him, but it was time to go.

2012: Hello, My Name is StupidEdit

In 2012, after finishing four seasons of Welcome to My World, he was offered the role of Green Gingers in the movie, Hello, My Name is Stupid, to which he gladly accepted. The movie was about a thirteen year old genius who was so smart he was moved up to High School, when he is supposed to be in 7th Grade. He said "This movie just beings a good message and laugh to all who watch it."

2013: Just Another Day in My LifeEdit

In 20113, he was offered a seven episode recurring role as a minor love intrest to the main character, Janie, in the series Just Another Day in My Life. He accepted it, and was thankful for the role. It was his only project of the year.

2014: Wiki ChannelEdit

In 2014, he was offered a spot in Wiki Channel. He gladly accepted, and was hoping he would get far with it.

Personal LifeEdit

Xavier lives in L.A. with his aunt. He goes home for the holidays every year. In his spare time he plays sports like he always used to. He currently goes to private school.

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